Is there a beach at the hotel?

No, there is not a beach at the hotel, and that is one of the most common questions that we get. Also, as a side note, we do have 6 pools at the hotel, and plenty of spots to relax in the sun available without ever even leaving our resort. But the flip side to the beach on siteĀ  question is that we are surrounded by the ocean and backcountry flats which are home to some of the arguably most beautiful spots in the keys, period. In these ‘flats’ areas, it’s not uncommon to see white powder sand, and areas to relax quietly, get some sun and just be in the keys scenery. The Keys don’t have wide sandy beaches because the coral reefs (great for snorkeling and diving) prevent the erosion and sand from building up along the shore. The backcountry area is magical and worth investigation, and also a very good look into the true beauty and majesty of the Keys and specifically the areas around Oceans Edge Key West. You will see wildlife, beautiful tropical fauna and it’s available via paddle board, jet ski, kayak, rental boat or even a two story “slide” boat is available to cruise you and yours through the backcountry. There are certainly beaches out there, and you can get there from 5-45 minutes depending on which area you want to check out, just ask your guide! Watersports and the multiple ways to get out on the ocean, which also include sunset cruises, or entire day sails, are a big part of what makes Oceans Edge Key West such a unique property.

Watersports are optional, but truly worth exploring.

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